Spring 2016 Uniform Order

Hopefully you read the email as it answers most of the questions.  We are encouraging everyone buy a podium shirt this year to build more team camaraderie at races.  This will look really good at the larger races and help everyone identify FTP athletes before and after races. 

Sizing Charts

I have added the Castelli San Remo suit to the order.  We need a minimum of 5 to be able to order.  Given our demographic, I am only offering it as a Men's suit.

Here are the designs

Castelli Core Top ($60) & Core Short ($75)

Castelli San Remo Suit ($239)

Champion Systems  Podium Shirt ($23)

Champion Systems Apex one piece suit ($158)

  • Will closely resemble the San Remo Suit minus sleeves

Champion Systems Cycling Short ($56) and bib short ($64)

Champion Systems Short sleeve jersey ($48) and sleeveless ($47)

(I plan on incorporating a little bit of the new colors into this)

Champion Systems Run singlet ($32)

FTP Visor ($20) 

Black with red/white FTP

Champion Systems Windbreaker ($58)

Extra Stuff for Benji

Here are a few other things I have designed and either had printed for myself or just couldn't get to a finished product that I liked. 

Here is a design that I have been toying with the past few months.  I don't know if I would use it as a podium shirt or training kit. 

Here are a few of the coaching/podium shirts I did

Here is something I couldn't ever finish

FTP Fall 2015 Order

***  Deadline is September 25th.  Orders will likely arrive before Thanksgiving*** 

Order Form

Just as we do in the spring, we designed team winter/cold gear. You can order as much or as little as you like. People always ask me for advice with winter gear. Here are the takeaways:
  • Understand where YOU are coldest. Everyone is different.
  • Always dress in layers. It is easier to take things off than shiver for the entire ride.
  • Keep your torso and extremities warm.
  • A base layer can be just about anything (tri top, underarmor top...anything tight)
  • Don't buy cheap stuff. You will regret it.
The biggest issue with cold gear is often the cost. This stuff isn't cheap. For example, years ago, I purchased the neoprene, fleece lined tights ($128).  They were expensive, but on every COLD ride, I know I received my moneys worth.  I am not cold at all. Unless you have means, then I wouldn't try to accumulate everything in one winter. I try to add about 2-3 pieces each season. Slowly build your wardrobe. You can use plenty of items already in your closet to get you through most of the training.  For example, I own a pair of light black tights.  I can wear them OVER my bib shorts on cooler days and I can wear them UNDER my running shorts on cold days. 

In general, there are three levels of cold gear and they all play a vital role.
  • First, there are long sleeve or tights. These are made of the same type of material as your summer gear. The purpose is to provide you a basic level of warmth and shield you from the elements.   You can also buy basic black tights at the local bike shop or sporting goods story. 
  • Second, most manufacturers offer the same items but fleece lined. Obviously these are warmer. They are designed to be worn over additional clothes...a base layer like an underarmour top. 
  • Finally, they offer a combination of the first two with the addition of wind blocking material. This is really important on super cold days. 
  • In the long run, that means you might have 3 different pairs of gloves/tights....lightweight pair for a nice fall day, warmer ones for 50 degrees, and a windproof pair for a miserable day. They all play an important role in keeping you warm...just take your time and learn from your experience when accumulating them.

When I ride, I generally follow these guidelines regarding temperature:
  • 60's: Shorts, maybe a light long-sleeve jersey (socks optional)
  • 50's Light tights, long sleeve jersey with base layer, light gloves, socks, maybe toe covers
  • 40's Heavier tights, fleece jersey with base layer, heavy gloves, socks, toe covers
  • 30's Heavy tights, fleece jersey with base layer, jacket, heavy gloves, socks, booties
  • 20's Not happening. :)

Take a look around.  The prices are listed a la carte.   Also talk amongst yourselves regarding the sizing.  With the exception of the fleece jackets, everything runs pretty true.  The fleece jackets are a bit small, in my opinion. 

The proofs have not been finalized and will change just slightly but what you see is what you will get.  Each item includes a link so that you can read the description and get a better idea of the item.  There are also sizing charts on those pages.   If you need to see the quality of an item let one of us know, we own just about all of it. 


Winter Gear Offerings:

  • Bib Shorts - $74
  • Fleece Bib Knickers - $88
  • Fleece Bib Tights - $108
  • Windproof Fleece Bib Tights - $128


Short sleeve jersey - $48


Neoprene Winter Gloves - $40


Sizing Chart

I own just about all this gear.  I find the sizes to be VERY true.  I haven't encountered issues like we did with the Apex Tri gear.  The fleece jersey fits a bit tight due to the fleece.  I am still a medium but I could wear a large.  The casual jacket fits a bit baggy.  Deadline is September 25th


Spring 2015 Team Gear

It has been a while since I explained everything, so here is how team gear works.

1.  Review your options below.
2.  Complete the ORDER FORM
3.  Pay 50% upfront & 50% when you get your gear.  (if we have your account, we can just deduct it).
4.  Deadline is Wednesday March 25th 5pm (central time)

As always, you are under NO obligation to buy.  We provide this gear to add to the team environment and camaraderie.  It goes a long way in helping identify each other on race day.  I can spot the FTP gear a mile away but a client wearing a generic top will run right past me (you all look the same).

Since the team is 95% complete, we will likely only place one spring order.  Plus, meeting minimums is sometimes a real pain in the butt.  Please understand that since all the gear is customized, refunds are not allowed.  We will try our best to work with you, if we can.  We don't generally order extra gear (did you see how much I still have from years ago) but sometimes people swap sizes.

This year we are doing things a bit different.  First, we are using two different companies.  The triathlon gear will be from Castelli (Core line).  This will include Core triathlon tops, Core triathlon shorts and triathlon suits.  Second, all the cycling, running gear and accessories will be from Champ-Sys.  CS is the company we have used for all 5 years of operation.  Please review their sizing charts below.

Castelli Sizing Chart
Champ Sys Sizing Chart.


Short Sleeve Jersey-$48
Sleeveless Jersey-$47

Long Sleeve Jersey-$60

Cycling Shorts-$56
Cycling Bibs-$64


Run Singlet-$32

Run Visor-$25
(black visor with red FTP)


Sports Bra-$36
(black with red FTP)



Core Triathlon Top-$50
(proof not finalized, something close to this)

Core Triathlon Short-$75

Core Triathlon Suit-$130
(use your imagination...put the tri stuff together)

 Deadline is Wednesday March 25th 5pm (central time)

IM Chattanooga T-shirt

Here is the design.  It is subject to change just a bit as I work with the artist, but the concept should stay the same.  They will be cotton t-shirts like the ones we have done in the past.  Men & women's sizes are available.  You can order for yourself or order for your family.  We will try to do our best to order a few extra in case there are a race weekend decisions but the quantities will be limited due to cost.  We are charging $5 per shirt.

FTP 2014 Summer Gear

Time to order spring & summer gear.  As always, you are under NO obligation to buy.  We put this gear out for you all and to help build team camaraderie.   Plus, it is a heck of a lot easier to identify you all in races.  

Champ Sys needs 6-8 weeks lead time to print and ship the items to us.  Therefore, the deadline to order is June 10th.  This should allow them enough time to get us all the gear by the first week in August.

Ordering Instructions (please read them all):

1.  Review all the proofs below so you understand what you are ordering
2.  Review the triathlon & cycling sizing charts from Champ Systems (see note at the bottom)
3.  Ask your coach any questions you may have
4.  Fill out this online order form.  I will NOT accept email orders. 
5.  Receive items in August.

We did not change any of the gear from last year so you should be pretty familiar with the designs.  The only thing different is we are offering different triathlon racing suits.  See below for more details.

If you order three items or more, I will discount your total by an additional $25.  As always, 50% of your order is due up front (June).  The rest will likely be charged in July.  I don't typically order extra gear.  If there is interest in a second order later in the season, we can do one if we meet the minimums.


This year I thought we would do something a bit different and give you all two different options in the tri gear.  First, we are offering the basic tri top and tri short that we have always offered.  This is their entry level offering called the Performance Link line

We also also offering their top of the line triathlon gear.  The Apex Blade line.  The difference is cut, material, fit and a better chamois.  I don't have any personal experience with this line--the word out there is that these run small by about half a size.  For instance, I am a medium across the board.  I am still a medium but it is very tight fitting. 

My hope is the that the Apex Blade line is better quality and closer in line with competing brands.  I and many FTP athletes have used the Performance Link line for the past few years.  I feel that for the price it is good quality.  I did Ironman Arizona in the Performance Link top.  However, I opted out of the shorts.  This is more a personal preference thing.  I have raced several 70.3s in the Performance Line without issue.        

Tri Top
Performance Link-$40
Apex Blade-$70

Tri Short
Performance Link-$45
Apex Blade-$80

TriSuit -
Performance Classic Cut $85
Apex Blade-$158



Shortsleeve Jersey-Club Cut-$45

Sleeveless Jersey-$45

Cycling Bib - $65 
Cycling Short - $55

Sports Bra - $35

 Black with red letters on front.


  Long sleeve jersey - $60

Sizing questions: Here is the triathlon & cycling sizing charts from Champ Systems. To the best of my knowledge, the sizes run pretty true to form. I seem to recall a few issues with a one piece trisuit being small. If you have a lot of concern talk to your team mates or talk to me and I can size you up.  Be sure to click on the item as it is described above. 

New Look for 2013

Most of you all heard this at the end of the year party, but for those unable to attend, I wanted to flush out the ideas that we have been talking about for the past few weeks and answer any questions you may have.   While we call this the 2013 plan, things will begin to be implemented as early as Nov 12.  By Dec 1 we plan on having all the details ironed out and moving forward 100% with this model. 

This year we want the focus to be TEAM, TEAM, TEAM.  We want to train as a team, race as a team, have fun as a team.  T-E-A-M.  This means a better integration of online clients and team training clients.  This also means more interaction between morning and evening athletes, some who don't even know one another.  We also want better participation at workouts.  We do our job best when you attend. 

To this end we are making a few adjustments to the business model. 

  • Complete change of schedule:  
  • Over the past 2 years we have frequently taken attendance and very rarely do people make 3 or more workouts in a week.  So we want to streamline the schedule to fit athlete's needs better and encourage more participation.   
  • Starting Nov 12, the schedule will be adjusted to 2 mornings - Monday & Wednesday; 2 evenings - Tuesday & Thursday.  And of course there will always be a Saturday workouts
  • Training plans to follow:
  • Many of you have asked me for plans, some have found them online and followed them for specific races.  I always encourage a plan, but it makes our job much more difficult if you are following someone's plan but asking me for advice.  
  • In the past, we have always individualized each workout to maximize your general fitness gains.  Now, you will have a specific training plan to follow leading up to the TEAM races.  This will tell you what to do on each day, even the days you don't train with us or if you are out of town.  
  • We anticipated developing two different levels of training plans--beginners and intermediate.  For the off-season, this will revolve around a half marathon (see below).  During the tri season, it will be segmented between Half-Iron distance & olympic/sprint athletes.  We strongly feel this will give you more guidance as you train.  
 Race Schedule (subject to a few minor changes as dates are finalized).

2/23/13   Chattanooga Half Marathon
4/1/13     AD-Pi-athlon Sprint Triathlon
5/5/13     Rev3 Knoxville Half-Iron or Olympic
5/26/13   Clarkville CRAM 100 Ride
7/21/13   Music City Sprint or Olympic
8/10/13   Big Training Camp Weekend
9/8/13     Ashland City Half-Iron/Olympic/Sprint
??????     End of the Season out of town race

Ok, in attempt to answer some of your questions:

1.   Why the change?   Two reasons, in talking with athletes over the past 2 years, most have the same question--what should I be doing when I am not at a workout?  This will answer that and offer you much more structure to your training.  Second, as stated above, most people don't attend more than a few workouts each week.  The new schedule will allow you to plan ahead to attend morning and evening workouts thus increasing participation and the fun level.  

2.  What if I don't see a race listed?  There are several races not listed (Cedars, Mach Tenn, Du Run Run, Old Hickory, Chattanooga).  If you are interested in one of those, great!  By training for the TEAM race, you will be conditioned for any of those distances.  The new structure will likely have you primed much better than before.  But we hope that you will prioritize the TEAM races to support all your teammates. 

3.  Will we still get weekly emails with the schedule?  Yes and no.  I anticipate that we will supply you with a 2 week schedule at a time.  This will allow you to plan ahead so that work/social/life doesn't become a major headache.  If you know Tuesday night is cycling, then you can prepare for it.  You will still receive emails from me but on a as needed basis.  I do anticipate in the coming months that we will revamp the website and post the schedule there.  But in the interim, I will email it out.  

Hopefully you are as excited as we are about the TEAM concept for 2013.  We are also working on a few other TEAM training benefits that will enhance your training opportunities and hopefully save you more money at races and in stores.  

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