Time to order spring & summer gear.  As always, you are under NO obligation to buy.  We put this gear out for you all and to help build team camaraderie.   Plus, it is a heck of a lot easier to identify you all in races.  

Champ Sys needs 6-8 weeks lead time to print and ship the items to us.  Therefore, the deadline to order is June 10th.  This should allow them enough time to get us all the gear by the first week in August.

Ordering Instructions (please read them all):

1.  Review all the proofs below so you understand what you are ordering
2.  Review the triathlon & cycling sizing charts from Champ Systems (see note at the bottom)
3.  Ask your coach any questions you may have
4.  Fill out this online order form.  I will NOT accept email orders. 
5.  Receive items in August.

We did not change any of the gear from last year so you should be pretty familiar with the designs.  The only thing different is we are offering different triathlon racing suits.  See below for more details.

If you order three items or more, I will discount your total by an additional $25.  As always, 50% of your order is due up front (June).  The rest will likely be charged in July.  I don't typically order extra gear.  If there is interest in a second order later in the season, we can do one if we meet the minimums.


This year I thought we would do something a bit different and give you all two different options in the tri gear.  First, we are offering the basic tri top and tri short that we have always offered.  This is their entry level offering called the Performance Link line

We also also offering their top of the line triathlon gear.  The Apex Blade line.  The difference is cut, material, fit and a better chamois.  I don't have any personal experience with this line--the word out there is that these run small by about half a size.  For instance, I am a medium across the board.  I am still a medium but it is very tight fitting. 

My hope is the that the Apex Blade line is better quality and closer in line with competing brands.  I and many FTP athletes have used the Performance Link line for the past few years.  I feel that for the price it is good quality.  I did Ironman Arizona in the Performance Link top.  However, I opted out of the shorts.  This is more a personal preference thing.  I have raced several 70.3s in the Performance Line without issue.        

Tri Top
Performance Link-$40
Apex Blade-$70

Tri Short
Performance Link-$45
Apex Blade-$80

TriSuit -
Performance Classic Cut $85
Apex Blade-$158



Shortsleeve Jersey-Club Cut-$45

Sleeveless Jersey-$45

Cycling Bib - $65 
Cycling Short - $55

Sports Bra - $35

 Black with red letters on front.


  Long sleeve jersey - $60

Sizing questions: Here is the triathlon & cycling sizing charts from Champ Systems. To the best of my knowledge, the sizes run pretty true to form. I seem to recall a few issues with a one piece trisuit being small. If you have a lot of concern talk to your team mates or talk to me and I can size you up.  Be sure to click on the item as it is described above.