Spring 2016 Uniform Order

Hopefully you read the email as it answers most of the questions.  We are encouraging everyone buy a podium shirt this year to build more team camaraderie at races.  This will look really good at the larger races and help everyone identify FTP athletes before and after races. 

Sizing Charts

I have added the Castelli San Remo suit to the order.  We need a minimum of 5 to be able to order.  Given our demographic, I am only offering it as a Men's suit.

Here are the designs

Castelli Core Top ($60) & Core Short ($75)

Castelli San Remo Suit ($239)

Champion Systems  Podium Shirt ($23)

Champion Systems Apex one piece suit ($158)

  • Will closely resemble the San Remo Suit minus sleeves

Champion Systems Cycling Short ($56) and bib short ($64)

Champion Systems Short sleeve jersey ($48) and sleeveless ($47)

(I plan on incorporating a little bit of the new colors into this)

Champion Systems Run singlet ($32)

FTP Visor ($20) 

Black with red/white FTP

Champion Systems Windbreaker ($58)

Extra Stuff for Benji

Here are a few other things I have designed and either had printed for myself or just couldn't get to a finished product that I liked. 

Here is a design that I have been toying with the past few months.  I don't know if I would use it as a podium shirt or training kit. 

Here are a few of the coaching/podium shirts I did

Here is something I couldn't ever finish

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