It has been a while since I explained everything, so here is how team gear works.

1.  Review your options below.
2.  Complete the ORDER FORM
3.  Pay 50% upfront & 50% when you get your gear.  (if we have your account, we can just deduct it).
4.  Deadline is Wednesday March 25th 5pm (central time)

As always, you are under NO obligation to buy.  We provide this gear to add to the team environment and camaraderie.  It goes a long way in helping identify each other on race day.  I can spot the FTP gear a mile away but a client wearing a generic top will run right past me (you all look the same).

Since the team is 95% complete, we will likely only place one spring order.  Plus, meeting minimums is sometimes a real pain in the butt.  Please understand that since all the gear is customized, refunds are not allowed.  We will try our best to work with you, if we can.  We don't generally order extra gear (did you see how much I still have from years ago) but sometimes people swap sizes.

This year we are doing things a bit different.  First, we are using two different companies.  The triathlon gear will be from Castelli (Core line).  This will include Core triathlon tops, Core triathlon shorts and triathlon suits.  Second, all the cycling, running gear and accessories will be from Champ-Sys.  CS is the company we have used for all 5 years of operation.  Please review their sizing charts below.

Castelli Sizing Chart
Champ Sys Sizing Chart.


Short Sleeve Jersey-$48
Sleeveless Jersey-$47

Long Sleeve Jersey-$60

Cycling Shorts-$56
Cycling Bibs-$64


Run Singlet-$32

Run Visor-$25
(black visor with red FTP)


Sports Bra-$36
(black with red FTP)



Core Triathlon Top-$50
(proof not finalized, something close to this)

Core Triathlon Short-$75

Core Triathlon Suit-$130
(use your imagination...put the tri stuff together)

 Deadline is Wednesday March 25th 5pm (central time)