Just as we do in the spring, we designed team winter/cold gear. You can order as much or as little as you like. On the last few rides, I will take a few moments to talk about how to dress for colder weather. Here are the takeaways:
  • Understand where YOU are coldest. Everyone is different
  • Always dress in layers. It is easier to take things off than shiver for the entire ride.
  • Keep your torso and extremities warm.
  • Don't buy cheap stuff. You will regret it.
The biggest issue with cold gear is often the cost. This stuff isn't cheap. For example, last year I purchased the neoprene, fleece lined tights ($120).  There were expensive,  but on every cold ride, I know I received my moneys worth.  I wasn't cold at all. Unless you have means, then I wouldn't try to accumulate everything in one winter. I try to add about 2-3 pieces each winter. Slowly build your wardrobe. You can use plenty of items already in your closet to get you through most of the training.

In general, there are three levels of cold gear and they all play a vital role. First, there are long sleeve or tights. These are made of the same type of material as your summer gear. The purpose is to provide you a basic level of warmth and shield you from the elements. Second, most manufacturers offer the same items but fleece lined. Obviously these are warmer. They are designed to be worn over additional clothes...a base layer like an underarmour top. Finally, they offer a combination of the first two with the addition of wind blocking material. This is really important on cold days. In the long run, that means you might have 3 different pairs of gloves/tights....lightweight pair for a nice fall day, warmer ones for 50 degrees, and a windproof pair for a miserable day. They all play an important role in keeping you warm...just take your time and learn from your experience when accumulating them.

When I ride, I generally follow these guidelines regarding temperature:
  • 60's: Shorts, maybe a light long-sleeve jersey (socks optional)
  • 50's Light tights, long sleeve jersey with base layer, light gloves, socks, maybe toe covers
  • 40's Heavy tights, fleece jersey with base layer, heavy gloves, socks, toe covers
  • 30's Heavy tights, fleece jersey with base layer, jacket, heavy gloves, socks, booties
  • 20's Not happening. :)

Take a look around.  The prices are listed a la carte.  We will bundle a few things and try to mark them down a bit.  Also talk amongst yourselves regarding the sizing.  With the exception of the fleece jackets, everything runs pretty true.  The fleece jackets are a bit small, in my opinion.  If you need to see the quality of an item let one of us know, we own all of it. 


Winter Gear Offerings:

  • Only offered as bibs
  • Bib Knickers - $74
  • Fleece Bib Knickers - $84
  • Fleece Bib Tights - $104
  • Windproof Fleece Bib Tights - $120

Jerseys ('v' design)

Jackets (vertical FTP)


Sizing Chart

Leftover spring/summer gear.  I would rather hold off on tri gear in the event that we change the uniforms (doubtful) but if you need short sleeve jerseys or shorts, we can order those too

Shortsleeve Jersey-Club Cut-$48

Cycling Short/Bib ( This is the design but will be red, white, black)
Shorts w/ performance pad - $58
Bib shorts w/ performance pad - $64